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About Linda Swift



Hello my name is Linda Swift and I am the proud owner of The Lovely Hair Studio and School. I have had the most amazing career in hairdressing and now at The Lovely Hair Studio and School, I am thrilled to be able to pass on my ‘Legacy’ - something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time (source: Encarta Dictionary.)

A bit about me and how I started my journey in hairdressing… In my younger days growing up in the 70’s you could get a Saturday job when you reached 13 years and 3 months. All of my friends wanted to be hairdressers, but not me, I didn’t fancy a career in hairdressing at all. Instead I got a job in Woolworths, my Mum was not impressed. “Why don’t you get a nice job in a salon? Then you will learn how to do your own hair” she said. I think she actually meant that I could do hers! “You find it and I’ll do it” I told her. And she did! I remember going for the interview and fiddling with my hair until it looked absolutely perfect. I got the job! What I noticed first was the cars that the senior stylists drove - a Spitfire and a Capri, and the clothes they wore were so trendy, it seemed like such a glamorous world. On my second week I was taught how to shampoo, and the clients began to give me money - from then I was hooked!

Now after 45 years in the wonderful hairdressing industry I have opened my own hairdressing school and salon. I wanted to create a relaxed and supportive environment where I could pass on my hairdressing expertise, along with a highly experienced team, to the next generation of top hairdressers.

If hairdressing is something you’ve always wanted to do but you never got the chance then the Lovely Hair School is the place for you. All you need is the desire and commitment to become a hairdresser and we’re here to help you achieve the qualifications you need.

I look forward to welcoming you to our friendly Ruislip hair salon and school.

With best wishes,

Director - Educator


Here’s what some of our past students had to say about our NVQ hairdresser training programme...

“ This is just the best place to be to learn hairdressing skills. The small classes are great as you get to learn so much more from the tutors. I love the friendly atmosphere we are like a little family.” Simona, 2015

“ 25 weeks ago I had never even picked up a pair of scissors… now i’m a fully fledged stylist working in a top salon and living my dream. Huge thanks to all the team at The Lovely Hair School for all their expert training and support.” Michelle Laver, 2014